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donitarose10191 Donita Rose, a thick Filipino Transsexual!

It’s always exciting to see a thick or chubby Asian shemale because their are so few of them. I thought the site Shemale Japan may have had some more but I’ve only found one thick one there to date and there don’t seem to be many coming out of Thailand so the best chance, is Asian American shemales!

Donita Rose is a thick Filipino tranny from Las Vegas who first appeared on Shemale Yum in 2002 and I didn’t take much notice of her then. She’s just returned and she’s unrecognisable! I know hormones can help transsexuals put weight on when they take enough but Donita must have been eating non-stop also!

She’s got a lovely curvy and thick body on her and at 29 yrs old, 5ft 8, it all looks good. Donita works as a waitress in Vegas but I think she’s also been know to do a bit escorting on the side, and let’s hope so as I’ll be looking her up for sure next time I’m in Sin City.

Apparantely she’s super horny (I told you big girls were hornier!) and she is versatile but tends to prefer bottoming. “She is a very intelligent girl and our conversation kept distracting us from the shoot.” – according to Shemale Yum shooter, PK Vegas.

I think Donita is great and a rarity to get an Asian of this size … or maybe not, maybe this site, we will find more!

donitarose1036 200x300 Donita Rose, a thick Filipino Transsexual!donitarose1049 200x300 Donita Rose, a thick Filipino Transsexual!donitarose1078 300x200 Donita Rose, a thick Filipino Transsexual!donitarose1084 200x300 Donita Rose, a thick Filipino Transsexual!