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Celebrate Three Years Of Awesome Girls At Shemale XXX!


Three years ago, Grooby Productions launched a brand new Tgirl porn site called Shemale XXX. Since then, the site has become famous for showcasing some of the most glamorous and beautiful Tgirl Pornstars on the planet, and it could be argued as a mark of success to see yourself featured on the site. Ashley Paleta, pictured below, is just one of the girls who has appeared numerous times on the site, gathering more and more fans along the way.

We’d like to invite you to join us all at Shemale XXX for the Three Year Anniversary this Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at a very special introductory price. Whether you’re new to the site or a returning Member, you’re sure to find a girl like Ashley to rest your eyes on and lust over as your imagination runs wild with the possibilities. With updates 5x a week, those possibilities truly are… endless! Swing on by this week and help us celebrate three awesome, amazing years of bringing you all the best Tgirl porn and Shemale Pornstars on the planet!


Taste Brazilian Shemale Goodness At Damazo VIP!

Today we’d like to invite all our readers to take a little trip to Brazil and maybe brush up on your Portuguese over at the free Brazilian Shemale Blog of Damazo, who is one of the photographers to bring you the gorgeous girls of Grooby sites, Brazilian-Transsexuals and Shemales From Hell. I just got finished taking a look through the site and it is really put together well, with lots of great previews that you’ll enjoy, especially if you love those Brazilian girls with their shapely bodies and sun-kissed skin.

Through the years, Damazo VIP has brought you some amazing girls including Mylena Bismark, Mia Bastos, Monik Lohan, and Andrea Scofany. These are the girls that you go to when you want some beautiful action, horny Shemales, and great performances with lots of passion. Take a little break from work this week to check out this great site and when you’re done, please make sure you visit Brazilian-Transsexuals and Shemales From Hell too!


The Grooby Post – Real News From The Real Transgender World!


We’d like to take a moment and “get real” with our readers. We enjoy porn… we love it (obviously) and think it makes for a great distraction from the real issues that sometimes get you down. That being said, we at Grooby Productions realize that there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes from being involved in the porn world, and part of that is helping promote and encourage people to view people as… people. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Transgender porn industry, where it is so easy to objectify and forget that those involved in it are actual, real individuals.

Now, we’re not going to claim that we’re changing the world or becoming the foremost activists in the Transgender world, there are plenty of awesome individuals doing that. Still, we hope that we can help bring some real, true awareness to some of the top news stories that involve and affect the Transgender community. Please visit The Grooby Post and check out our stories there. We always appreciate tips and are looking for writers and contributors as well so please visit the “Writers and Articles Wanted” page there and let your voice be heard!

Thanks to all of our readers here and thank you for taking a little time out of your day to realize that there is more to the Transgender community than just porn… a lot more!

Grooby Productions

2011 – The Year of BBW TS Models?

Well I hope the girls have been plumping up over Xmas Dinner! The more hits I see to this site, the happier I am as it means we can lobby the shemale producers to shoot more BBW transsexual models in 2011. It’s certainly becoming one of the more popular sub-niches so they should get more models in which we love.

I was happy to see Shemale Yum of course, continuing to shoot thicker and plump models, their range of models goes from the very slim to the very chubby and every mix in-between. Their “Coming Soon” section of that site has one of the all time favourites so I’ll be sure to update it as soon as they go live – but for now here’s their samples of the fantastic thick and solid shemale from Florida, Monica.

Watch out lovers of fat and chubby (BBW) shemales – 2011, IS going to be the year!

Hung Devils – The Top FREE Tranny Forum

Tgirls of all types and their friends are welcome at Hung Devils – Free Tranny Forum – the number one site for chat, meeting, amateur photos, porn, health, fun and flirtations for all those interested in trangenders. Whether you cross-dress for fun, are living as a transsexuals, are a shemale pornstar or simply have some interest as a friend of the tgirls, you will find something for you at Hung Devils which for years has been entertaining and providing a place for chats, information and meeting.

Now under new management, the forum is running better than ever and I really encourage you to check it out. There is a specific “Free Porn” forum where you can access 1000’s of totally free legal images and videos and stars such as Liberty Harkness, Amy Daly, Sammi Valentine, Allanah Starr, Kimberly Kills and many more, post on there on a regular basis, alongside amateur tgirls who love to show off.

So check it out, you can view it or fill in your profile and start chatting. There is absolutely NO FEES OR COSTS involved with this site whatsoever.

Enjoy Hung Devils – Free Tranny Forum

Anzel – Hawaiian BBW Beautiful Shemale

Wow – this is Anzel and she’s brand new on the scene. Although she’s from Hawaii she lives in Los Angeles and it was hear that Shemale Yum found her. She’s a tall girl at 5ft 10 and I won’t give her weight away but boy, does she carry it in all the right places.

Anzel loves sex with guys up to their mid-30’s who are mainly tops but can still get down with some licking and fucking. At 23, she claims she’s a sexpert in the bedroom!

This is one of the best thick and plump transsexuals I’ve seen in a long time and I can’t wait to see more of her!

Anzel can only be seen on Shemale Yum

Welcome to Shemale BBW

The only site that I can find that specializes in large, chubby, thick and BBW shemales.
There are plenty of stunning BBW shemales around but not many websites show them, or they only have a few per site, so it’s my job to bring them all together here, as well as show you amateur chubby tgirls and where to meet them!

I’d love your input – and your photos so please send them to