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The Return of Sexy Lexy on

Why has it been two years since we last saw Sexy Lexy on Black Tgirls (or any site for that matter) ? She’s one of the cutest and largest of all the girls so thank you to “Rob in Philly” for these new photographs and bringing her back to the website.
This 23 yr old New Jersey girl, stands at a cute 5ft 7 and her weight, well I’m not going to take a guess other than “lotsa fun”! Her first new set, has her in a load has her in some cute lingerie and showing off … and it’s got a great shot of her bending over and showing, EXACTLY where she likes to get it – it’s great to see photographers showing plenty of big ass when they photograph chubby transsexuals.

Sexy Lexy, is exclusively shown on Black Tgirls and her second set should be up on there soon also. They have great HD video of Sexy Lexy at the site, so check it out!

See these photos and more BBW shemales only on BLACK TGIRLS

2011 – The Year of BBW TS Models?

Well I hope the girls have been plumping up over Xmas Dinner! The more hits I see to this site, the happier I am as it means we can lobby the shemale producers to shoot more BBW transsexual models in 2011. It’s certainly becoming one of the more popular sub-niches so they should get more models in which we love.

I was happy to see Shemale Yum of course, continuing to shoot thicker and plump models, their range of models goes from the very slim to the very chubby and every mix in-between. Their “Coming Soon” section of that site has one of the all time favourites so I’ll be sure to update it as soon as they go live – but for now here’s their samples of the fantastic thick and solid shemale from Florida, Monica.

Watch out lovers of fat and chubby (BBW) shemales – 2011, IS going to be the year!

Ambre : New Black Thick T-Babe!

Thanks to Remy for searching out and finding some of the best thick black tgirls we’ve seen on the internet recently, he shoots exclusively for Grooby Productions and mainly on Black Tgirls which is the only place you are going to see girls like Ambre!

Here is what he had to say:
“Ambre and her friends took a long journey to do their shoots and while she was a little nervous she really had the nicest personality out the lot and really wanted to represent for the thick girls.”

Remy shoots mainly in the Washington DC and Virginia area although occassionally further afield and he has an eye for some amazing girls.

Here is what Ambre herself, had to say!
“Hi fellas, this is Ambre, I love to perform oral sex and get my black tgirl pussy fucked from behind doggy style. I am very freaky, a versatile bottom that can satisfy you anyway you want. I love it hard and rough and would love for you to give me a face full of cum. Make sure you vote for me so I can show you how a real hardcore girl gets down”.

Only fans of BBW shemales can ensure we get more of this content by joining site’s advertised on this site and letting the folks who run the sites, know why we joined at places like Black Tgirls : Free Forum

Kalista from Philadelphia – A Bundle of Fun!

“Hey guys, I’m Kalista and I’m a girl that loves to have fun. I love to travel, shop, enjoy the arts, and also enjoy fine dining. I reign from Atlanta and I am a true southern belle. I’m a lady in the streets and the definition of a freak in the sheets. I’m a bundle of fun and love to enjoy life. Hope you enjoy my pics and there will be more to come. Kisses”

The bundle of fun returns to Shemale Yum! I love this set, it shows her nice round belly, baby smooth cock and nice budding breasts, she’s a great looking thick/bbw transsexual and we’re lucky to have her on Shemale Yum.
If you want to see more of her, you’d better get to Philly!

Madison from San Francisco … by Frank!

Franks Tgirlworld is one of the most over-looked shemale websites. It’s got great photography and awesome videos, updates weekly with the best models from USA, Thailand, Brazil and the Philippines as well as sometimes a few other countries and has been around for years, so it has 10,000’s of high quality photos and video content. Why it’s not got more presence among some of the shoddier websites, is beyond me.

Frank is an ass man. Yes he’s got plenty of big cocks and cum shots but he loves showing big asses (and every Brazilian shemale has a big ass!) and his camera gets them well. He doesn’t have too many thick girls on there but it’s still worth a good look for any fan of shemale porn and when I found he turned his camera on one of my favourite black tgirls, Madison, I was very excited.

Madison of course, has appeared on Black Tgirls when she was in Vegas but now living in San Francisco, Frank caught up with this awesome black transsexual in her city and came away with some of the most beautiful photos which really shows her off.

At a sweet 5ft 7 and with the best curves around, Madison is all woman. Big boobs, gorgeous large ass, nice round belly and a smile that just says, “Come and Fuck me!” you have to see the video of Madison! Why oh why hasn’t she appeared in a hardcore video yet?

Do yourself a favour and check out Franks Tgirlworld